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To a Mother not Mine

published in ARNA 2021 (The Arts Journal of the University of Sydney)

Me, like Christ denied three times

By blokes all bluster no bite 

the words congeal and die stuck to his throat

No more a foot in mouth than lover’s oversight 


I ask of our loveling’s whereabouts 

Me, contained after passage over land and sea

He, proprietor of my puplet

Uncharacteristically silent until garblingthey, they 

Out for a walk! Out for a stroll! Out yonder entirely out of my control 


Would you let a bitch walk a bitch?

Eat your words for filial pie?

Dangle the life of your lifewho’d no doubt follow, soft-pawed

Not knowing better since he is man’s best after all 

that he’s just been pawned for pixel time 

Under the guise of a mother not mine 


There my boyfriend rots in front of his screen

Here i pace in my sweet, collecting rage

And ? where ? she trots I have not a clue

Because man made it so 

handed the reins over;  

 hoping my joy returns in one piece 

The  prodigal son goes, astray, the maternal bogey alights with my furry footed love on a wild goose chase under the farce of care

The man dog doesn’t follow in his stead, 

The old bitch who whelped him

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